What is U7 (Timbits) Hockey?

U7 Timbits hockey is a program designed by Hockey Calgary, supported and sponsored by Tim Hortons, specifically designed with the concept of PLAYER DEVELOPMENT for children ages 5&6. The program is designed and implemented by Hockey Calgary and all participating Associations are required to adhere to the strict expectations of the program. Please read the following document:  Hockey Calgary U7 (Timbits) Program Information

What Age Group is U7 Timbits?

To participate in the U7 Timbits program for the 2024–2025 season your child must have been born between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2019.

What Skill Set Does My Child Have To Have To Register?

The U7 Timbits program is suitable for all ranges of skills from beginner to advanced. The BV Manager of Hockey Operations (MHO) will work with coaches and will supply weekly practice plans that coaches can use as a reference for setting up their practice plans.  The MHO also attends and runs several practices throughout the year. Coaches will participate in training by Hockey Calgary and Hockey Alberta for coach certification and personal growth. The main goal is truly about "Having Fun", and player development.

Season Length

The season is expected to begin in mid-September and will run until late March.

Practice Ice Times

All U7 Timbits Teams will have 2 practices per week typically on Saturdays and Sundays between 6:30 am to 6:30 pm until mid-November. After November, games and practices might also be Monday - Friday between 4 pm and 7 pm.

When the respective age group starts to play formal games as per the timeline outlined below, the U7 Age Group may be scheduled practices during the weekdays and we will do our best to schedule these dates and times on a set schedule where possible. The set schedule will not be determined until regular season scheduling has taken place in mid-October.

U7 Timbits practice shares the ice with another U7 Timbits team, so half ice. Generally, the skaters rotate through various stations/activities in smaller groups, and end with a larger group activity.

U7 practices and games will be scheduled at facilities in South Calgary rinks.


Hockey Calgary allows U7 Timbits teams to play sanctioned games or play in tournaments above and beyond their weekly practices. These games are assigned by Hockey Calgary. U7 practices and games will be scheduled at facilities in South Calgary. They will typically be scheduled at the Trico Centre, Seton YMCA, Frank McCool and or Great Plains Arena.


Jr. and Sr. Age Groups

Junior teams are generally first-year players but can also include second-year players based on a beginner skill level and numbers.  Senior teams are generally second-year players but can also include first-year players based on a more advanced skill level and numbers.


We need approx. 12 Coaches on each U7 Timbits team. The more coaches we have the better the experience will be for each player. You don't have to be a hockey expert, just willing to have fun while building kids' confidence.

For more info on coaching and or completing the Coach application please click here.

U7 Timbits Learn To Play Sessions - August 26-29, 2024 - Registration opens on August 1, 2024

The U7 Timbits Learn to Play Hockey Program provides parents and first-time U7 Timbit players an opportunity to experience U7 Timbits Hockey in a fun and educational environment. Players will participate in four (4) ice sessions conducted by instructors from Hockey Calgary with the assistance of volunteers designed around the FUNdamentals of hockey.  Please click here to be directed to the Hockey Calgary webpage for the Program.

Player Evaluations 

In September all registered U7 Timbits players will take part in one Skills Session where players go through timed drills. This allows the society to build balanced teams (skill-wise) to ensure a fun environment for all the U7 Timbits players. These sessions are not considered evaluations and teams will not be built on a tiered skill level. The teams may be at a different level than other organizations due to numbers registered in U7 Timbits or skill variations and can also change throughout the year as children develop in different ways and at different rates.  For more info on the Skills Session please click here.

Each team will consist of approx. 17-20 skaters per team.


Each child will be assigned a team jersey when the teams are formed. Jerseys are provided by Tim Horton’s and must be returned at the end of the season to be used again next season. Socks are provided at cheque drop-off/sock night and may be kept.


Children must be dressed in full equipment. If you are unsure of fit or how to dress your child, please do not be afraid to ask when you purchase your equipment!  It is important that equipment fit properly, be comfortable while doing its job and keep your child safe! Please equip your child with their own personal labelled water bottle with a long spout so that it will go through their helmet cage.

If you are new to hockey, please click here to see what equipment is needed.  Please click here to learn how to put the equipment on.

Hockey sticks should be cut off between the player's chin and nose while on skates. Tape should be put on both the butt end and the blade of the stick.

Skates should be sharpened prior to the first ice time. Skates out of the box are not sharp, they need to be sharpened.

Adrenalin Source for Sports would like to offer your new player (U7) some Incredible Savings. Please click here for the pdf document.

Introducing the Adrenalin Source For Sports, Youth Starter Savings program! Outfit your new hockey player with all the equipment they need to start playing at incredible discounts. Being locally owned we strive to support our hockey community and make the game more affordable. Talk to one of our knowledgeable experts who will guide you through each piece of equipment, ensuring maximum safety and performance for the year.


BVHS contracts Adrenalin Source for sports for all our apparel needs. BV members get a 10% discount in-store at Adrenalin Source For Sports.  They also carry a variety of BV swag for those kids that are looking to represent the BV.  Teams will generally order a jacket, hoodie or some type of apparel as a team. All these decisions are made at the team level regarding what to get as well as how to pay for it. We also have an online store and you can access it by clicking here.

Cash Calls and Fundraising

Parents should expect a cash call of $150-$200 due at the start of the season once teams are formed around October 1.  Each member of the team will be expected to assist with fundraising if the team votes to do so.

Society Level Volunteering

Bow Valley has mandatory volunteering at the Society level. Each family is required to volunteer 12 hours per child or 16 hours for multi-player families. Without volunteers, we cannot run the association! There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer throughout the season however the bulk of the volunteer shifts take place in September during evaluations.

Team Level Volunteering

Parents should expect to volunteer at the team level to ensure a successful season.  Click Here to see all the roles that need to be filled for a successful season.  We have a variety of documents created to help assist coaches and managers throughout the season.  Click Here to see some of those documents.


Please read the registration information package posted under registration on our website.  New members must pre-register by completing the online pre-registration form. Once the registrar approves the pre-registration, you will be emailed the link to register your player for the season.


Should you have any questions please contact Jodi Robson at registrar@bvhs.ca