How to Become an Official or Return As An Official


Minimum of 13 years old as of December 31 of the current hockey season

Prospective officials 15 years of age or older are automatically level 2 officials.

Prospective officials 19 years of age and older are automatically level 2 officials and will need a Criminal Record Check (CRC)

If you are a younger, relatively new official or are simply interested in officiating the younger levels of hockey (U9, U11), you will receive your assignments from the assignor responsible for the Southeast of Calgary. Contact Yvonne Neufeld – for more information on the community level officiating programs.

Southeast Quadrant Rinks include:

  • Cardel Rec 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Frank McCool
  • Lake Bonavista
  • Trico 1, 2
  • ECTAS 1, 2
  • Great Plains 1, 2
  • Jack Setters
  • Seton 1, 2

Main Hub for U9/ U11

If you wish to officiate higher levels of hockey in and around Calgary (starting at U13 hockey and working up), you will receive assignments from one of the Central Region assignors responsible for this hockey.


Please contact Donald Davison - BVHS Director of Officials with any questions that you might have.

Officials Application

Please complete this form if your interested in becoming an official and or wanting to return as an official for the 2024-2025 Season.

How Do I Become a Certified Official?

To become certified as an official in Calgary you need to take part in an officials certification clinic.

Hockey Canada Officiating Program

For more info on Hockey Canada's Officiating Program please visit their website for more info.

Hockey Alberta Officiating Program

For more info on Hockey Alberta's Officiating Program please visit their website for more info.

Central Region Referees' Committee

The Central Region Referees' Committee (CRRC) has been active and responsible for all officials since its' formation in 1979 as a subcommittee of the Hockey Alberta Referees' Council.  Central Zone is one of 6 Referee Zones in the province and overlaps Hockey Alberta's Zone 9 (Calgary)

NHL Officials Website

Check out the NHL's Officials website for a variety info and resources including videos.

What Equipment is Needed To Become An Official?

Required Equipment:

  • Black CSA certified helmet
  • CSA certified half visor
  • Elbow pads
  • Metal or black plastic whistle
  • Athletic support and cup
  • Measuring tape
  • Black polished skates with white laces
  • Hockey Canada Rule Book
  • Shin Pads
  • Clean official's black and white sweater with Hockey AB crest on front left side and Hockey Canada on the left arm
  • Black, pressed pants
  • Rule Book/Case Book Combination

*** Please note that a black Mesh Under Arm jersey is illegal***

Additional items, please note these items are not mandatory

  • Needle and thread
  • Hockey puck
  • Referee pad and pencil
  • Off-ice Officials Manual
  • Officiating Procedures Manual
  • Protective girdle
  • Black referee bag
  • Extra safety pins
  • Skate stone
  • Extra white laces
  • Extra whistle
  • Towel and soap