Parents Meeting PPT Template

BVHS encourages all coaches to hold a Parents Meeting within the first week of the season.  We encourage all coaches to put together a PPT Presentation to run through at your parents meeting. We have created a template that coaches can copy and or use as a reference point when creating their own Parents PPT Presentation.

Parents Meeting Agenda Template

BVHS Parents Meeting Agenda Template.  We encouraged all teams to keep minutes from all their team meetings and ensure the minutes are circulated after each meeting.

Team Operations Manual

The BVHS Operation guidelines are set out by BVHS Board of Directors for our coaches to follow and use as a reference guide for setting up their team rules. The rules outlined in this manual are approved by the Board of Directors. The manual must be emailed to the parents and discussed at the first parents meeting that should take place in early October.  ** Please note we encourage teams to add to this manual after the parents/players meeting when team rules, goals and objectives etc are determined**

MHO Team Operations Manual Template

This is a template from the MHO's Team Operations Manual used for a PW AA Team.  This is an example of a Team Operations Manual that included both player and parent feedback from the first parents meeting.

Team Building Videos

Team building at the start of the season with both parents and players is a great way to start off the season to break the ice and get everyone involved and out of their comfort zone.


Hockey Alberta Team Building Manual

Hockey Alberta Team Building Manual has over 100 team builders.

Team Managers Manual

This manual will help BVHS Managers manage their teams throughout the hockey season. The information outlined within this manual is meant to be a resource and reference point with pertinent information to help ensure that our managers follow HC and BVHS best practices from year to year.

Team Roles and Responsibilities Document

This document outlines the job descriptions for each volunteer position at the team level.

Team Contract

BVHS has introduced a new team contract that each team is free to implement.

Team Budget Template

This is a budget template that all team Treasurer are required to use for financial purposes.