Evaluators and On-Ice Support

The Sign up forms will for Evaluations Off Ice Support Volunteer shifts will open on August 1, 2024.

All prospective head and assistant coaches must complete at least 12 hours (4-5 shifts) during evaluations as part of their coaching application. These shifts should be one-ice or evaluator shifts.

Head coaches will be selected and appointed by BVHS in accordance with the coach selection guideline. Assistant coaches (3 assistants and 1 goalie coach) are appointed by the BVHS Coach Selection Committee and the manager will be by appointment of the head coach in consultation with the BVHS Manager of Hockey Operations and respective Age Group Directors.

The Bow Valley Hockey Society has a very structured evaluation process and bases its evaluation process on the time and dedication of the volunteers who help to make the evaluation process fair, and transparent with its membership.  Each year, BVHS evaluates over 1,000 kids and we do our best to ensure kids are placed fairly in accordance with their skill sets.

Coaches are welcome to be on ice for the Pathway Skates for the Age Group and or Times that their child is on the ice.

If your child is in U7 you are welcome to be on-ice for the Learn to Play Ice Times.

Please Note -  You cannot evaluate the same age group that your son or daughter plays in.

Evaluations Meeting

We hold an annual BVHS Evaluations Meeting which new members, new coaches and returning coaches are encouraged to attend to learn about our processes and changes from year to year. The evaluation meeting is no longer mandatory but attendance is encouraged. This year's meeting will be taking place on Sept 4, 2024 at 8:00pm via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 853 5638 5314
Passcode: 536983


Evaluations Presentation and Zoom Meeting

Please read through the Evaluations Presentation prior to evaluating and or assisting as an on-ice helper.

Evaluators Resources

We have a variety of documents that will help guide our evaluators through the evaluation process.  In the sync folder you will find the following resources:

  1.  Cheat Sheets - These are sheets that help new evaluators.  They will also be available in the war room for those who wish to have a copy while they evaluate.
  2.  Evaluators PPT - Please download and go through the Evaluators PPT prior to evaluating.
  3.  Evaluators Manual - The evaluators manual goes into detail about what we are looking to evaluate.
  4.  Score Cards - This folder gives examples of the scorecards that we use for Goalies, U9-U11, and U13-U18.


For the Evaluations Sessions, when you click the job description and scroll down in the Shift Notes you will see where it will list who the shift is open to.

For experienced sessions, we require evaluators who have a minimum of 3-5 years of coaching and evaluating experience. We would like to have at least 8 -12 evaluators at each ice session. We would also like to have a minimum of 3-4 goalie evaluators at each ice session as well.


Sign up below to be an Evaluator and or on-ice Support during evaluations

Please see the respective age groups link below to sign up to fulfill a shift during that age group's ice times. Once you check off what shift you are wanting to fulfill, scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out all the fields that pertain to you.

If you have more than ONE CHILD registered with BVHS, please ensure that you also put both of their contact info in the fields.

If you have any questions and or concerns please contact your respective age groups Volunteer Coordinator directly.

Pathways Sessions

U9-U18 Pathway Sessions for the 2024 - 2025 Hockey Season are offered to players prior to the start of evaluations.  These sessions are offered to these age groups and the ice times are administered by BVHS Coaches.  Coaches can sign up to be on the ice at the same time as their child for the Pathway Sessions.

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