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BVHS Off Ice Conditioning Program 

Off Ice Conditioning is an imperative component of any hockey players development.  Players who take the time to development their agility, balance and coordination during the off season will increase their on ice performance significantly.

Timbits-Novice-Atom Age Groups- The Timbits, Novice and Atom Age Groups should focus on agility, balance and coordination during the off season.  These age groups should develop muscle memory by doing the same exercises rountinely.  The most important hockey related exercises for these age groups include, hurlde drills, ladder drills and stride jumps.  Players should try and do these exercises atleast 2-3 times a week while ensuring they have the opportunity to play other sports.

PW-Bantam-Midget- The PW-Bantam-Midget Age Groups should work out in the off season following a 2 or 3 phase program depending on when they begin their off season workout schedule.  We have created a two phase work out program for these age groups.  Players should ensure that they are properly shown the exercises outlined within this program.

Each Days Workout will take approximately 75-90 Minutes to complete.  Players taking part in this program must be prepared to work hard in order to see results.

Phase # 1- June 1 - July 15

This phase is focused on Speed and Power.  Players need to take the time to increase their overall body strength.

Click Here to download Phase # 1 Workouts and Tracking Docs.

Phase # 2- July 16 - August 31

This phase continues to work on strength, but the overall focus is on power and explosiveness.  At this point players will have increased their overall strength and its now time to increase their explosiveness and endurance.

​Warm Up- Players should complete this work warm up routine prior to working out during each day.  Click Here for link.

Click Here to download Phase # 2 Workouts and Tracking Docs.

Players that are doing the BVHS Off Ice Training Program should contact Trevor Morgan with any questions they may have.

Warm Up and Stretching Exercises- It is recommended that athletes do dynamic exercises prior to working out.

Gary Roberts Dynamic Warm Up
Dynamic Warm Up Video # 1
Dynamic Warm Up Video # 2
Static Stretching Exercises
Static Stretching PDF

Core Exercises- These are the most important exercises a Hockey Player needs to Do.

Balance Exercises For Hockey
Advanced Core Exercises Video
Monster Full Body Circuit

Theraball  Workouts

Monster Ball Circuit
Thera Ball Extreme Workout
100 Ab Exercises on the Thera Ball
Theraball Pair Passing While One Player Stands on Ball
20 Theraball Full Body Work Out Exercises
Theraball Balance Exercises
Theraball Exercises for Strength

Bosu Ball Exercises

Bosu Ball Workout
Bosu Ball Stickhandling
Exreme Bosu Ball Workout

Medicine Ball Workouts

Medicine Ball Exercises for ABs
67 Medicine Ball Exercises in 11 Minutes
Total Body Medicine Ball Workouts

Agility and Foot Speed Drills- Ladder Drills

SAQ Ladder Drills- Click Here for video
Agility Ladders 
30 Agility Ladder Drills- Beginner, Intermidiate and Advanced

Agility and Foot Speed Drills- Hurdle Drills

Soccer Speed and Agility Hurdle Workout
Advanced Hurdle Drills

Agility and Foot Speed Drills

10 Yard Agility Box
Nike Multi Directional Movements
Nike 4 Cone Shuffle for Reaction Skills
Nike Ball Drop Reaction Workout
Partner Mirror for Reaction Speed
Plyometric PDF- Player should do this atleast twice a week to increase foot speed.
Plyometric Video- This is for more advanced athletes
Medicine Ball Workout for Speed and Power

Cardiovascular Exercises

Four Step Ladder Drill
Spit Fires Tire Workout
Spit Fires Tire Workout # 2
Spit Fires End of Season Workout- Hill Sprints
Hill Sprints Circuit- Best lower body and condition workout a Hockey Player Can do
Box Jumps
Parachute Sprints

Lower Body Strength

Click Here for a Super Set video to work out legs.

Hockey USA Off Ice Conditioning Plans and Information

Gary Roberts Strength Circuit

Off Season Work Out Plans

Ontario Hockey Association Off Season Work Out Plan

Nike Off Season Workout