U15 Checking Clinic

This four-day clinic covers the four phases of checking (positioning and angling, stick checks, contact confidence, body checking), checking safety, checking skills drills, roles and responsibilities. An emphasis is placed on the basic checking skills, and the importance of having players develop confidence, respect and an awareness of the checking process.

Step 1 - Positioning & Angling

Angling can be considered the first line of defence for a player. Body and stick positions are important in checking without making contact. This section will examine angling as one technique of checking (Step 1) without making contact.

Step 2 - Stick Checks

Stick checking may be considered the second line of defence as angling forces the opposition to a position where contact can be made with the stick.

Step 3 - Contact Confidence (Body Contact)

Body contact is the third step in the progression and is used to gain separation when a player positions his/her body between the puck and the puck carrier.

Step 4 - Body Checking

Body checking is the final step in the 4-step checking progression. A body check can be defined as body contact primarily caused by the movement of the checker. The checker uses their body for the purpose of stopping the attacking progress of the puck carrier and/or to separate the carrier from the puck.

Programs Includes

  • 4 hours of on-ice instruction


$125.00 + TeamSnap Service Fees


August 28,29, 30 & 31, 2023

6:00-7:00 pm - Group A (Trico 1) - Full

7:15-8:15 pm - Group B (Trico 1) - Full

Updated August 13th.


The U15 Checking Clinic will be instructed by experienced instructors who have the knowledge, passion and abilities to effectively and efficiently teach your son or daughter.


The on-ice sessions will take place at the Trico Leisure Centre located at 11150 Bonaventure Drive SE.


Please contact Trevor Morgan if you have any questions- mho@bvhs.ca

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